2028 East 38th Street
Erie, Pennsylvania 16510

(814) 824-5031


Business Hours:
Monday - Friday
7 am - 9 pm
8.00 am - 8.00 pm
8.00 am - 4.00 pm
Sunday (July - December)

We Carry:

Australian Gold

Swedish Beauty

Designer Skin

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25K VIP Bed

(12 minutes max)
1-$17, 5-$75, 10-$135, 15-$195
High pressure, ultra dose of UVA for fantastic, long lasting bronzing results.

With 15-1500 watt High Pressure Bulbs in the canopy & 21 - 180 watt Premium lamps in the base, most skin types will get a beautiful bronze, long lasting tan in a 12 minute session.

How can SpaCapsule Massage help you?

    It can be very helpful in dealing with:
• Stress & Tension
• Fluid Retention
• Muscle Tightness & Pain
• After Exercise Muscle Soreness
• Numbness, Pain or Tingling in Arms or Legs
• Injuries
• New Injury Prevention
• Posture

With SpaCapsule Massage:
• No-one will touch you
• No need to undress, get oily or wet
• You decide how strong, powerful or soft your massage will be
• You decide how long it will last (10-20 minutes)
• You can enjoy SpaCapsule Massage as often as you like
• Together with SpaCapsule Massage you will enjoy pleasant aroma, and relaxing video and audio system
• SpaCapsule Massage is a quick, inexpensive & pleasant alternative to the conventional massage.

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      We’re Hot When The Sun’s Not!

A Total Tan is East Erie’s Premier Tanning Salon featuring 10 tanning units! Choose from Bed, Booth, Face or Leg Tanning.

  • Affordable Unlimited Tanning Packages!
  • Packages for 5-10-15 or 25 Tanning Visits
  • Locally Owned& Operated
  • Plenty of well-lit free parking
  • Voted Erie’s #1 Tanning Salon - Times News Choice Awards

    Package Prices

        Reg. bed, booth or face tanner
    (10-15 minute max)

    1-$6 5-$20 10-$35 5-$50

    Unlimited Package Prices
    Reg. Bed, booth or face tanner

    1 Month $ 50
    3 Months $100
    6 Months $150

    Upgrade beds (beds 8, 9 and leg tanner) are 15 minutes max. $9 per tan or regular tan with a $3 upgrade or 2 regular tans with no upgrade.

    7 min. ECLIPSE or 12 min. TURBO (bed #12)

    $13 per tan or 3 regular tans with no upgrade or 1 regular tan with a $6 upgrade.


    Sun Capsule Eclipse

    The ECLIPSE has 3 to 4 times the UVA performance of a typical tanning bed, with just the right amount of UVB to “trigger” your melanin reserves. If you are a bed user, step up to the ECLIPSE for a 7-minute session and see for yourself.
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